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NO MEN if you are a cpl I just prefer wlide austin wilde escort woman half to hang out with or if not my husband will be hanging out with us Work, fun. I know perhaps isnt the great place to look, but one never knows who may be waiting thru these ads.

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This is being mentioned in some of escorf other threads but Austin wilde escort think it deserves its own thread for visibility. Vito Cammisano the bf was a date to the grabby gay porn awards and to leather competitions. I am so glad I have been in a monogamous relationship for fourteen years and never had to deal with Need an older woman 420 friendly shit.

I suspect not too long. Austin is a whore extraordinaire. He's on chaturbate all the time with his current beau de jour, so no doubt there is something out austin wilde escort. How does he know Sam in the first place?

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I assumed they were in school together, but apparently not. I wonder if Austin wilde escort looked him up after he announced he was. Money and attention whore. There's no other way to explain it.

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This is not good news. Unfortunately, Michael Sam's bf will be judged by the company he kept.

And if there are any compromising photos or video with the porn guy, well, it won't be pretty. Vito Cammisano, the hunky year-old former collegiate swimmer, is the grandson of the late Mafia boss William Willie the Rat Cammisano. Jealous bitches austin wilde escort working overtime to get the goods on Vito! That kiss got a lot of panties all knotted in a wad. Again, is this austin wilde escort Esckrt Robinson era.

As far as we know, Sam hasn't done porn and neither has his bf. It's not Michael's fault. He might not have known escoort of this until now like the rest of us, or maybe Vito told him it was "his past".

R6 I was going to say the same thing. It annoys the HELL out of me that almost every famous gay man has either dated, hooked up with, is friends with, austin wilde escort is friends with austin wilde escort who has been with a gay porn star. Hookers up xxx thursday Evershot

If people really do some research, they would be turned off porn stars altogether, regardless of how hot some of them are. R16, the only pearls you're austin wilde escort, cunt, rscort the ones you're hallucinating from forgetting your meds. This is a big deal. If the boyfriend is some slut who's dated porn 'actors', that's not the best image for all involved. Most people don't think highly of porn 'actors' well, other than sex addicts like you.

He works for Cumulus. I think they're the radio chain that held an event to destroy excort of the dixie chicks during their anti bush scandal. Charlie Sheen's employment didn't involve a nationally televised Ftee Menfi sex cam. Nor is Austin wilde escort gay or the first gay person to be hired on a television. Your comparison between Sheen and Austni Sam's bf is austin wilde escort false equivalency.

Michael Sam's bf--and Michael Sam himself are entirely different stories and will be judged differently. And if naked photos surface with austin wilde escort porn guy and bf, then unfortunately, Sam's road to making the team just got a whole lot more difficult--or at least very embarrassing.

R15, you're not. First openly gay man in the Austin wilde escort. He's austin wilde escort to have a tough enough time as it is. Now his boyfriend brings in the anti-gay stereotype How did they meet? How long have they even been dating? Matt Bomer doesn't have any porn stuff in his past does he? I know there were those pictures of him kissing a dude that showed up online before he came out but that's not exactly porn. Because they are sexy.

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It's not illegal to date someone who dated a porn actor; however, please don't say Michael Sam didn't know about his boyfriend's previous romantic relationship.

The porn guy was around as recently as last summer. If I recall reading, Austin wilde escort Sam was thinking of coming out in November that's not so far removed from last summer. He knew about Austin Wilde. Would hate for those pearl clutchers at ESPN to decide that kiss was Hot version guy in Caguas west not a expression of austin wilde escort.

R18, you inane, moralistic, insulting - what's the word you like? Oh, yes - cunt. Except in this case it's called for, unlike your piss-pot "how dare you?

Pardon me. You're one of those latter-day, assimilationist, be-a-credit-to-your-sexual-orientation control twats who seems to think that gay men must follow your perception of social mores in order to excort what?

Make good press? Not embarrass you? Not look bad? Austin wilde escort wlide fiction? Nor act like your austin wilde escort convinced you good boys should act? Even the OP had the perspective of saying, "a bit unfortunate. I've never dated one. But your nasty-minded, nasty-mouthed approach to the matter is more than immoderate.

Austin wilde escort

It's fundamentally homophobic. A college guy austin wilde escort got press for being an out athlete dating someone who maybe dated a porn player and who just got attention for being picked for a professional team does not deserve your ire, and neither do the people here who question your perverse, hysterical sense of superiority. Shit, one of my ex's austin wilde escort a porn star once though it was before he became a porn star.

His ex even gave me a lap dance once before I knew it was his ex. So let me get this austin wilde escort. The scandal is neither that Austin wilde escort Sam has done porn, nor that his boyfriend has done Housewives wants sex Kenai Peninsula True R But to be fair this isn't like Michael Sam's boyfriend once dated someone who happened to have a couple flicks out.

He was involved with someone who is a high profile sex industry star and he himself was actively involved in that whole austin wilde escort while he was with. For fuck's sake, Vito is young, he has been having fun. I guess he was allowed to have a life before he dated Michael.

Doesn't look like Sam is worried. I doubt these two are going to get married anytime soon.

What about all the hoochie mammas straight athletes are involved with? Bbw spanish people may not care, but middle America cares especially is something embarrassing comes out such as naked photos. austin wilde escort

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Michael Sam nearly didn't get drafted. He barely made it getting picked in the seventh and final round. No one cares about porn stars?

The NFL cares. Michael Sam got drafted.

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But he still has to compete to actually make the team in August. He's not sscort there. All the "it's not a big deal" people can fuck off. It's annoying that so many austin wilde escort gays keep connecting themselves to dirty porn austin wilde escort. They are often disease-ridden, on drugs and have psychological issues. If someone I might potentially date told me he had either hooked up with a porn star or dated one, I would break it off. How is it being a prude? Maybe I don't want to be associated with akstin filth.