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Looking for China - Hong Kong 30 - 30

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Additional Support Provided By: By Layla Quran. By Philip Moeller. Politics Jul 31 Fact check: Rose Tang, an activist and artist in Brooklyn, was among pro-democracy protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on June 4, On the 30th anniversary of the military crackdown, she talks about what sparked the demonstrations and why they are important to remember.

You may also like. Goodbye Hong Kong: Young people look to flee amid extradition bill fury. Can US officials honestly tell the world what role they played and what are their aims? Some Americans say they want to help Hong Kong, but really they want to bring chaos to Hong Kong and will not be satisfied until Hong Kong has collapsed.

Since then, Beijing has stepped up its rhetoric, Kkng a series of editorials condemning the protesters and allowing images and news reports of the vandalism to spread on social media, where almost all content related to the Hong Kong protests had been previously been censored.

Beijing has given no indication it plans to send in PLA troops. Play Video.