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Where to find potheads in Baton Rouge

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You may not know it but this date holds special meaning for those who dab in the illegal use of marijuana. Is pot becoming more accepted or is it a gateway to more problems?

It's a burning issue. Is marijuana becoming more accepted?

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Most of the time finding a pot smoker to go on TV would be difficult, but not on April 20th. It's something you do to have Batin.

Have fun with other people. On campus, Hansen passed out invitations to a party celebrating Ruge Of course, not everyone embraces marjuana on April 20th.

Addiction counselor Rudy Ttroyer warns pot can be a gateway to harder drugs, "They don't go from shooting dope in the gutters in a week. It usually starts with marijuana or alcohol and progresses from.

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In fact, Troyer says marijuana is the second most abused substance behind alcohol. Nationwide, percent of all Americans have experimented with pot.

Troyer says marijuana use is on the fidn in Baton Rouge especially between 17 and year-olds, "We have seen an influx of younger people coming into treatment for marijuana use where as in the past they didn't come into for treatment for. It would be later on when they got into heavier things. So on a day proclaimed as the macedonia girl burn time.

For many, the acceptance of marjuiana remains as unclear as the smoke.

So do you think marijuana should be legalized? We want to know.

Log onto our website wafb. A Day of Celebration for Marijuana.

April 20, at 8: Written by: